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Anything we can dream of, we make it happen.

As a group of creative, globetrotter and digital nomad photographers, we always faced the challenge of selecting the right bag that protects our camera and lenses and fits any occasion.

For that reason, we had the idea to create a fresh, elegant looking bag for the modern users of mirrorless cameras.

Both of us, as founders, are creative people with long experience in our field (Doron Ritter, a professional photographer and cinematographer and Daniel Horvath, an economist and the director of a design agency). We both found it troublesome to lay hands on an adequate bag that is also a camera bag for everyday use. We committed ourselves to design a bag that is eminently suitable for all the purposes of the people with similar backgrounds to ours.

That is the reason we designed the Peerless int. bag.

Based on our knowledge and experience, the following issues raised that needed to be resolved to create the finest bag.


camera bags, we have come across, did not look luxurious, up-to-the-minute and exquisite enough to match the style of our stylish mirrorless camera. Furthermore, they could not hold all our belongings: camera, lenses, loaders, notebook, documents and other everyday essentials.

The second problem found was the adaptability.

We all like to travel, but no one likes carrying several camera bags. Why do we have to take more than one camera bag? We all want to make sure that our valuables and the camera set – including lenses, loaders, memory cards and so on – are in a safe place. However, a bag, that functions as a suitcase, is without a doubt too large for other occasions; it cannot be carried around on a sightseeing or for a pleasant dinner. With regards to modular systems, we were not impressed with the solutions of attaching several bags together, using zips or Velcro. Moreover, we found using the fastening tools impractical: if the user misplaces the fastening tool, the entire bag becomes dysfunctional. To clarify this issue, we created a compact, all-in-one bag, without the need of using any fastening parts which could be lost.


accessing the camera from most bags can take too much time. On the other hand, nobody is keen on hanging the camera around the neck 24/7, just to be prepared to shoot at the right spot.


the inner compartments of the bag should prevent the lenses from scratches, contain smaller objects securely and be configurable.

Originality and uniqueness are the features that we creatives are after! We loathe melting into the horror of greyish averageness. Have you ever experienced that you almost found the right bag, shoes or jacket, but it did not really match your style: maybe its colour was off or the thread used was a bit extraneous?


we try to avoid ambiguous situations where the first image of us is the camera bag. We should not enter a business meeting with a canvas camera bag, but as street photographers, we love to take our cameras everywhere. We know that the perfect scene can pop up anywhere at any time and we should not miss the moment.

Considering all the issues mentioned above, after two years of progressive development, we can proudly present the Peerless int. bag.

A bag which is fully adjustable in 3 different sizes and you can also convert it into a backpack.

It gives you an elegant, luxurious look in each setting and it fits any occasion from a beach walk to a business meeting.

It gives you an instant access to your camera!

It fulfils the monolith criterion; hence, you do not need extra parts for the transformation between the sizes.

Both sides of the insole are made of Velcro compatible canvas. With the dividers, you can organise your belongings freely where pockets can also be found to safely hold tiny but important parts. In addition, you can attach any of your Velcro elements to the insole.

Uniqueness – No need to compromise!

You will be amazed how freely you can configure your future bag! There is a huge spectrum of configurable details from the smallest features to the used materials. In the unlikely event that you cannot find your preferred choice, you could contact the manufacturer department and ask for special arrangements. Nevertheless, the options offered are so vast – choosing from a variety of 36 leather colours, 12 lining colours, 5 zip colours, 14 thread colours and two types of shoulder straps – that you most probably have enough freedom to create your unique, defining appearance by using our configuration settings.

Why the name Peerless int.? Well, you can be certain that your bag will be one in a billion, a peerless one!

Daniel Horvath

Daniel Horvath


The passion for art and design is in Daniel’s DNA: his mother is a well-known industrial designer. Daniel’s strength, however, is not so much the ability to draw as his outstanding ability to realise visionary ideas – his own and the ideas of others. Having studied economics at the University of Paris Nanterre and the Budapest Business School he joined the Paqart Design agency in the 1990s. Paqart Design is a creative workshop specialising in brand and packaging design. Its impressive list of global and national clients includes brands like Lay’s, TEVA, Tesco, Smakfest and many others.

As a branding consultant Daniel has worked on many local and transnational branding projects. His knowledge of economics and markets, combined with innate creativity, are the basis for success- ful, although sometimes unorthodox solutions and brand interpreta- tions. He helps brands evolve – into brands with personality.

Doron Ritter

Doron Ritter


Doron Ritter, is a Budapest based photographer & DOP*. He is the youngest member of a well known photographer family. His grandmother was the leading photographer of the Hungarian woman fashion magazine for 40 years. But digging in his family tree we can find several photographers from the past decades.

He has been leading endless advertising projects for major local & European agencies (e.g. Ogilvy, DDB, Publicis etc.), internationals (Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Ikea, Nestle etc.) & various institutions (Cultural Centre sxyyy etc.). Film cinematography he polished on various TV channels (BBC), filming PR social videos & TV commercials. A truly dynamic artist, he always finds time for art & community projects, exhibiting across the region.